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by Us & Them

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The EP that would eventually bear the name "And..." was recorded during a ferocious ice storm in South Nashville. Spanning over a year in production, the EP's lyrical spine spins tales of romance and heartbreak. "And..." encapsulates four musicians' struggle to hold on to what they love most, and serves as a springboard for greater things to come.


released February 24, 2016

Vocals (tracks 1-3, 5) by Ian Kendall
Vocals (track 4 & 5) by Grayson Schweers
Guitars by Michael Crecca and Ian Kendall
Bass by Grayson Schweers
Percussion by Michael Rasile
Mixing and Engineering (tracks 1, 3-5) by Edsel Holden of Redact Studios.
Mixing and Engineering (track 2) by Ryan Yount
Mastering by Ryan Morris of Ram Records
Recorded at The Brown Owl Studios and Redact Studios in Nashville, TN



all rights reserved


Us & Them Nashville, Tennessee

Formed in Nashville TN, Us & Them write and play original rock music with power and grace. The members came to Nashville from distant homes, bringing along their myriad of musical influences. Us & Them compose with precision and play with passion. Whether you're sifting through the narrative lyrics of Interstates or losing your hearing at a live show, Us & Them are happy you're along for the ride. ... more

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Track Name: Something Real
When winter comes again to kill, I drift away to dream of something real.
Under the covers you're under my skin, pulling me closer just to breathe me in.

Everything I ever thought I wanted
Was a stand-in for something real

Turn back time and what do I find? I was born and raised on flesh, blood, and vice.
What I got ain't good enough for me so fill me with new memories.
But I can't blame the world for the hell I gave myself.

Everything I ever thought I wanted
Do you think you could change how I feel?

We're fleeting
like tiger lilies in bloom
like the only foreign warmth my bed has ever known
like an albatross with an ocean to cross.

Everything I ever thought I wanted
And maybe with you with me, I could finally know how it feels.
Do you think we could make it something real?
Track Name: Pheromones
There's nothing to do in this town and I've got nobody to do it with
I'm sick of the same ol' run-around and my terrible therapist
Can't shake it off / Can't smoke it off
By tonight, do or die, gotta take it off

You've got moves you wanna show
Maybe baby serenade me with your pheromones
You've got moves you gotta show
Maybe baby fumigate me with your pheromones

Suiting up for downtown prowl, seeking an escapologist
…when one thing, leads to another, leads to another…
And away we go, yeah

Take this rib, this Adam's muse for Eve
Fashion wings and fly away with me
Track Name: Mistress
I call the suicide hotline once or twice a week, but it's never for me.
I just inquire the liar at the end of the line until she shows up in my sleep.

She's got a key to every locket and she keeps em in her pocket with a couple always up her sleeve.
She'll tie me to the anchor of my fabricated anger as she's selling me her cellophane dreams.

And I can't help myself, you know I’m gonna crawl right back into the hell I gave myself.

Pulled out a .45, loaded and live, said, "don't you fuckin' think twice!
"I'll take your peace and quiet and turn it into a riot tonight!"
She said, "calm down honey, you can't help but make a hell of a scene!
Just calm down honey, point the gun at someone other than me!"

Shit, I can't help myself! You know I’m gonna crawl right back into the hell I gave myself.
My mistress of distress destroys me with her every breath until I feel no more.

I was looking down on solid ground, but I thought I'd drowned til you came around.
Then open skies received my eyes and with you in sight I thought I'd be alright.
But soon she roused the thunderclouds to send torrents down and douse our common ground.
When I shake her off, she comes on twice as strong. Thus, I gain no ground the longer she's around.
Track Name: Smoke
Too close to be true
Too far to touch you to my hand.
I hold on to you through this hourglass.

In the silence I will slowly say your name
In your overwhelming brightness I will stand
To wake with you by my my side is such a wonderful change.
The scent of your hair is just like the morning rain.

Please don’t leave.
It’s water underneath the bridge my love.
And it’s a pleasure falling, sinking like the sun.

All we do is measure from me to you.
All we say as the days go by, “I love you just the same”
Through roads and records, smoke and evening hue

Please don’t leave.
It’s water underneath the bridge my love.
And it’s a pleasure falling, sinking like the sun.

They say it’s illogical
Can anything good come from this?
I hope to live and die for the moment when I touch your lips.

Please don’t leave.
It’s water underneath the bridge my love.
And it’s a pleasure falling, sinking like the sun.

Like the sun.
Track Name: 75
It was 1975, the heat wave was record high.
We were stuck on the beltway doing 27 under in overdrive.
I turned to you in that shitty little coupe, said “we’ve gotta get outta this city soon”
And there was silence…. and a smile.

We drove straight up 75, open windows and open skies
Yeah the clouds kept high cause they couldn’t compromise the feeling inside.
Then we drove all night to the center of the earth, just so you could show me what your word was worth.
That day doesn’t end, in my memory I play it again, again, again.

So don’t get me wrong when I say, “I can’t stay, so long”.

I turned to you, with your head up out the roof, and said, “I’m fallin’ in a little bit of love with you”.
And there was silence…. and a smile.

Wide awake on a makeshift mattress
You wouldn’t let it live

So don’t get me wrong when I say, “I can’t stay, so long”.

I turned to you in the gloom
and someone said, “I’ve never been so ashamed of you”
and there was silence